Eminent QLD Engineers Vol 1

From Engineering Heritage Queensland

The document Eminent Queensland Engineers Vol 1 is available here.

This document was first published in 1984.

Volume 1 lists Engineers who passed away before 1977.

Eminent Qld Engineers Vol I- Index of Biographies by Name

NAME First Names with Title Page Number
AXON Albert Edwin (Colonel Sir) 6
BARTON Edward Gustavus Campbell (Mr) 8
BOYD Adam Alexander (Mr) 10
BRADY Albert Barton (Mr) 12
BRADY Joseph (Mr) 14
CORBETT Arthur Brownlow (Mr) 16
CORBOULD William Henry (Mr) 18
CORNWELL Edward Satchwell (Mr) 20
COWLING Gordon Aubrey (Mr) 22
CRACKNELL William John (Mr) 24
CULLEN Alexander Edward (Mr) 26
DARKER Richard Thomas (Mr) 28
EVANS Daniel Edward (Colonel) 30
GOLDSMITH Alfred Joseph (Mr) 32
HAWKEN Roger William Hercules (Professor) 34
HENDERSON John Baillie (Mr) 36
HORNBLOW Henry (Mr) 38
JUST John Stephens (Mr) 40
KEMP John Robert (Sir) 42
KINDLER John Ernest (Mr) 44
L'ESTRANGE William Manderville Ellis (Mr) 48
MOTT Charles Banks (Mr) 50
NELSON William Muir (Mr) 52
NEWMAN James Malcolm (Mr) 54
NIMMO William Hogarth Robertson (Mr) 56
NISBET William David (Mr) 58
REID David Elder (Lieutenant-Colonel) 60
REINHOLD William James (Lieutenant-Colonel) 62
RICHARD George Anderson (Mr) 64
SCRIVEN Henry Edward Bennett (Mr) 66
STANLEY Henry Charles (Mr) 68
WEINBERG Ernest Ludwig Adolph (Mr) 70
WILSON Archibald Laurence (Mr) 72
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