Eminent QLD Engineers Vol 2

From Engineering Heritage Queensland

The document Eminent Queensland Engineers Vol II is available here.

This document was first published in 1999.

Volume II lists Engineers who passed away before 1995.

Eminent Qld Engineers Vol II: Index of Biographies by Name

NAME First names with Title Page Number
BALLARD Robert (Mr) 10
BARTON Charles newton (Sir) 12
BOULTON George Oswald (Mr) 14
BOYD Arthur (Mr) 16
BRADFIELD John Job Crew (Mr) 18
BRAMELD Humphrey Galbraith (Mr) 20
BRAZIER Felix Howard (Mr) 22
BYERLEY Frederick John (Mr) 24
CALDER Clifford Mason (Mr) 26
CARDNO Gerald Fitzgerald (Mr) 28
DOAK Walter James (Mr) 30
DOWRIE James Wilson (Mr) 32
FISON David (Mr) 34
FITZ-GIBBON Abraham Coates (Mr) 36
FREEMAN Eric Bernard (Mr) 38
FREW Alison Eavis Harding (Mr) 40
GARLAND David James (Mr) 42
HAIGH Frederick Bruce (Mr) 44
HANSEN William (Mr) 46
HESKETH John (Mr) 48
HETHERINGTON John William (Mr) 50
HIGHFIELD William (Mr) 52
HILL Philip Wallace (Mr) 54
HOLT James Arthur (Sir) 56
KEAYS John Frederick (Mr) 58
KING-SCOTT Robert Donald (Mr) 60
LAVERY John Hardie (Professor) 62
LOUTITT James Struthers (Mr) 64
LOWE Henry Alfred (Mr) 66
MCCULLOCH Alfred (Mr) 68
MCKAY Gordon Reinecke (Professor) 70
MACMILLAN Archibald Campbell (Mr) 72
MCWILLIAM Russell John (Mr) 74
MARTIN James Eric Gifford (Brigadier) 76
MATHISON John Cyril (Mr) 78
MORLEY Ian Webster (Mr) 80
MORWOOD James Eric (Mr) 82
PEAK Walter Arthur (Mr) 86
PENNYCUICK Kenneth Gerald (Mr) 88
PHILLIPS George (Mr) 90
RUDGE Reginald Harry (Mr) 92
SEXTON Richard Ernest (Mr) 94
SHAW Mansergh (Professor) 96
SHEIL William Glenister (Mr) 98
SHEPHERD Edward Milray (Mr) 100
TRANBERG Charles Rebbeck (Mr) 102
WILMOTH Geoffrey Reginald (Mr) 104
WILSON Clement Henry (Mr) 106
WILSON John (Mr) 108
WILSON Ronald Martin (Mr) 110
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